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~urbancore~ is a captivating retrospective compilation that showcases our distinctive fusion of jewelry and photography, delving into the allure of urban landscapes and the spirit they embody. We seamlessly intertwine the realms of wearable art and visual storytelling within this collection.
Every jewelry piece in ~urbancore~ encapsulates a fragment of the urban landscape’s essence, drawing inspiration from the city’s sharp-edged architecture and channeling the resilient character of its inhabitants.

The photography component of ~urbancore~ deepens the collection’s narrative, capturing moments from urban life often overlooked by passersby. Through our lens, ~urbancore~ amplifies the everyday splendor concealed within the city’s hustle and bustle, from the interplay of light and shadows on a rain-slicked street corner to the vivacious pandemonium of a bustling market. These photographs beckon you to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of urban narratives and textures.

More than just a collection, ~urbancore~ extends an invitation to explore and celebrate the city’s vibrancy. It bridges the chasm between art and personal adornment, boldly proclaiming the intrinsic beauty that envelops us, even in the most unexpected locales. With ~urbancore~, you carry a fragment of the city’s soul, a perpetual reminder of the artistry and vivacity inherent in urban life.

About the KOIN.S.EP. Anvil Athens

We are a group of different artists with common needs and vision. We created the Anvil Athens art space in order to house our ideas and creations. We also want to house other activities that will promote creativity and offer opportunities to anyone who wishes to express themselves, learn new skills, and share their passion

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