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Blue Spinel Cuff

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The Princess Cuff This beautiful cuff bracelet is so unique and sparkly with its royal blue stone. The band is made from sterling silver that has light patina on it and in the center is a round brilliant cut spinel. The gorgeous shining stone truly captures the light and shines so brightly, you don't need a night gown to feel like a princess!

The handmade silver decorations are placed in a slightly asymmetrical line to make the bracelet look lively and playful along the shine. The style is minimal brutalist and each silver component is handmade. The silver has been oxididized to give some rough contrast to the lustrous spinel. This cuff bracelet would make an amazing gift to the woman in your life

Materials: 100% Sterling Silver, man made spinel (lab made)

Size: S/M

Band length: 14cm

All the silver components are handmade.